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Yellow bracelets: The LiveStrong Phenomenon!


It's not unusual to see both celebrities and ordinary people sporting bright yellow bracelets these days.

These yellow wristband bracelets are the hallmark of the LIVESTRONG™ movement, a cancer awareness program sponsored by Nike and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The bright yellow represents the yellow jersey worn by the Tour De France leader, a jersey that cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong has, more often than not, worn during the annual contest this past decade.

The foundation started offering the Lance Armstrong wristbands in mid-2004, and they were immediate hit. More than 10 million wristbands have sold, and other causes have adopted their own colored wristbands.


Celebrating health

Lance Armstrong's successful fight against testicular cancer is a familiar story to most Americans.

The first yellow wristbands were intended to support cancer research to the tune of up to $6 million dollars -- if they caught on. Although the bracelets are little more than giant rubber bands, they proved to be fashionable; this, combined with the fact that the wristbands supported a good cause, soon drove the Lance Armstrong Foundation's LIVESTRONG™ bracelet sales over the $6 million mark.

Soon, causes ranging from breast cancer awareness to the fight against diabetes, AIDS, and many other diseases were putting out their own colorful bracelets before the public.

Today, every possible color of wristband represents several causes.


Stylin' wristbands

Not only are the Lance Armstrong style wristbands simple and attractive, they're cheap.

If a wristband costs just a dollar or two, why not contribute to a worthy cause? Since then, the bracelets have transcended their origins: they've become a trend, like friendship bracelets, with some folks wearing dozens.

Whatever your cause, these wristbands (yellow and otherwise) are an ideal way to show your support in a very public way.



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WearYELLOW LiveSTRONG : Buy this $1 wristband and help raise $5 million for people who are living with cancer. Proceeds benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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