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The yellow bracelet worn by Lance Armstrong at the Tour de France is a symbol of hope, courage and perseverance.

He is a cancer survivor and the yellow bracelet he wore showed that he supported research into finding a cure for this disease.

As a result, almost 50 million yellow bracelets have been sold to promote the programs of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Nike also sells these wristbands with the words "Live Strong" imprinted on them.


The Lance Armstrong Foundation

The money raised from the sale of the yellow wristbands is used to:

  • Help fund research
  • Provide educational programs about the need for early detection and screening
  • Provide support for families of patients suffering from this disease
  • Provides counselling for survivors

Every yellow wristband you see is another symbol of hope and another donation for the organization. It shows you that the person wearing the bracelet does believe that eventually a cure will be found. It is also quite possible that this person is a survivor of the disease or has been touched personally in some way.

The message that Lance Armstrong hoped to give to the world is to "live strong" and be healthy. He says that young people, especially, need to be empowered with the will to fight hard and realize their dreams. The color of yellow has now become a symbol of determination and courage that he shows in each action he takes as six time winner of the Tour de France.

The yellow wristbands are so popular that they are snapped up as soon as they come on the market. It is very difficult to get these bands because there are no plans to make any more once the final three million were sold in 2004.


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