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Twisted Magnetic Bracelets
What are they for?

Wearing twisted magnetic bracelets will hide the fact that you are wearing a bracelet for medicinal reasons.

These bracelets still have the same healing power as magnetic bracelets, but look more stylish with the twisted pattern. Although some people claim that these bracelets do not work as well as the others, the only way to find out is to see how the bracelet reduces your pain.

You may experience a warm sensation in your wrist when you first put on a magnetic bracelet. This is one way that you can know immediately that the bracelet will work for you.

The truth is that everyone responds differently to these bracelets. If you have a beautiful twisted design you might just want to wear it because it looks so beautiful.


How do the magnets help to control pain?

Magnetic therapy is often used to help relieve the pain of arthritis.

These writsbands, though, are not just for seniors. People of all ages can wear them to help relieve minor aches and pains.

They have magnets in them that accelerate the activity of cells in the body. Some of the most common used of magnetic bracelets include:

  • Remedy for back and muscle pain
  • Remedy for bone and joint pain
  • To lower high blood pressure
  • To help put copper back into the body
  • To help sports injuries to heal faster

They can be worn by anyone who just wants to have a better feeling of well-being.

It is the plating on the bracelet and the design that gives it a beautiful look.

The standard design is a gold or silver wristband with two balls on each end. Since this design is readily identifiable as being magnetic, many different designs are coming to the market, such as the twisted design.


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