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Silicone Wristbands, Many Different Styles!

Silicone wristbands come in all colors and with all kinds of messages imprinted on them. Ever since Lance Armstrong first sported a bright yellow silicone wristband to show support for cancer research, every organization has jumped on the bandwagon with a message of their own.

The silicon wristbands have actually become a fashion trend so it is not difficult for schools, churches and charities to raise funds by selling these bands.


Ordering Your Silicon Bands

It is very easy to have silicone bands for your organization. You can order them online and have them shipped directly to your door. These bands come in children and adult sizes, but you have to order one or the other. You cannot have a mix of both sizes in the same order. When you decide to order these wristbands for your organization, you choose a color that you would like to have. When you choose the text of the message, you can choose to have it debossed or imprinted on the bands.

The minimum order is for 500 wristbands. This might seem like a lot of bands to have on hand, but once you start selling them, you will probably have to order more. If you do have a generic message that is not specific to a certain year or date, then even if you have a larger order, you will always have extra bands on hand for any event where you might be able to sell them. The reasons for the minimum order include:

  • Each wristband order is custom made according to the customer's directions
  • It would be too costly to set up the equipment to produce smaller numbers of wristbands
  • The set up costs are included in the price of 500 bands

If you run out of silicon bands you can always order more, but remember that it does take about 4 weeks for you to receive them.


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