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Promote Your Cause With Silicone Bracelets

Silicone bracelets are also called awareness wristbands.

With their bright colors and messages of hope the bands are sold as fund raising items to help raise money for research and educational programs.

The history of the silicon bracelet goes back to Lance Armstrong, who first wore the LIVESTRONG™ wristband in support of cancer research. The possibilities are endless when it comes to wearing silicon wristbands as a way to show support for a cause.

For example:

  • Black – mourning, melanoma
  • Dark blue – child abuse, colon cancer
  • Light blue – prostate cancer
  • Red – Aids, blood donor, substance abuse


Distinguishing Between the Wristbands

Since each color can mean several different things how do you know what a particular wristband stands for? The messages on the bands tell you what they are promoting awareness of. For example, a pink wristband for breast cancer would have the words "Breast Cancer Awareness" printed on it.

You can have various messages on one of these bands and they don't necessarily have to do with medical conditions or charities.

As a fund raising effort for a school, wristbands with "Class of ____" are very popular ways of raising money for trips, equipment or for other reasons.

They are inexpensive to order and you don't have to order large quantities; For example, an order of 500 silcon bands would only cost about $2 each. Even selling them for $1 profit will be a great fundraiser. The higher the order, the less you will have to pay for one wristband, thus increasing the amount of money you raise.

School and Church programs are taking advantage of the popularity of the silicon wristbands and are ordering large quantities of generic message bands. This has become one of the great find raising trends of the modern age. Instead of selling tickets where you have a slim chance of getting something for your donation, you now get a stylish wristband that you can wear.


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