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The Appeal of Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets became really popular since Lance Armstrong started wearing a bright yellow wristband to raise money for cancer research. They have become an attractive way to advertise non profit organizations and make the public aware of your cause.

Many organizations, such as sports teams, have also developed their own rubber wristbands as a way of encouraging people to donate money to their cause. Instead of just giving a donation without receiving anything in return, you get a rubber wristband to show the group's appreciation.


How did the practice of wearing a rubber bracelet get started?

Lance Arnstrong came up with the idea of wearing a bracelet to help raise funds for the LIVESTRONG™ Foundation to help make life easier for those battling cancer.

Many organizations jumped on the bandwagon because:

  • They realized that this was a quick way to raise funds, especially for disaster relief.
  • The brightly colored rubber bracelet is cheap and easy to manufacture in large quantities.
  • It was popular with people of all ages.
  • It appealed to people's desire to show their support for certain causes.


There is no one particular style to these wrist bands.

You can have them in fluorescent designs that glow in the dark, swirling patterns or made with crystals or sterling silver beads.

Cancer bracelets come in various colors to denote a certain type of cancer. For example, some of these bracelets are:

  • Black – melanoma
  • Blue – prostate
  • Clear – lung
  • Dark blue – colon
  • Pink – breast
  • Lavender – general
  • Orange – leukemia

Check out our rubber bracelets color meaning guide!


You can also have a rubber wrist band that has no connection to any charity. Friends might purchase matching bracelets with the phrase "Best Friends Forever" on them, just because they look nice.


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