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Rubber Band Bracelets: Make a Statement!

Rubber band bracelets are a fun way for children to exchange bracelets with their friends.

They come in all kinds of bright neon colors and with a gel pen you can print all kinds of messages on them.

These rubber wristbands are stretchy and available in sizes to fit adults as well as children.

The best thing about these wristbands is that they are very cheap and you can purchase a kit that contains 30 bands and various colored pens for the writing.


The Serious Side of Rubber Wristbands

Wearing a rubber wristband has become a very popular way of showing support for a good cause. They first appeared in this manner when Lance Armstrong wore a bright yellow rubber wristband at the Tour de France to support research into cancer. Since then, colored wristbands have become the norm to promote all manner of causes and charities. Some of these include:

  • Pink – breast cancer awarenness
  • Green – Tsunami relief
  • Teal – ovarian cancer
  • Blue – drunk driving

and the list goes on. One color can denote several different causes and that is why each bracelet is imprinted with a message. The message provides the real meaning for wearing the wristband.


Popularity of the Rubber Bracelet

The rubber wristband immediately became popular with teenagers who liked the bright colors. They found that they could easily color coordinate their outfits with inexpensive wristbands and still show that they were conscious of world problems. Just as these bracelets are fun for children, they are also a great way for any charity to make money. The wristbands are very cheap, even if you want your own message imprinted on them, and when you sell them you can raise funds to help your organization.




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