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Live Strong Bracelets
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Custom Wristbands: Raising the Awareness Level
Custom wristbands have become this decade's answer to social causes across the charitable spectrum.


Diabetes Awareness Bracelets: Joining the Fight
It's only a matter of time before diabetes is cured, and diabetes awareness bracelets are demonstrably raising awareness of the spread of this pernicious disease.


Green Livestrong Bracelets Can Mean Several Things
Green Livestrong bracelets are used to represent support for muscular dystrophy.


Hope Wristbands
Hope wristbands are becoming the modern way of fundraising for many organizations.


How to Get Free Wristbands
Most of the time giving away free wristbands leads to many donations for an organization.


Know The Different Health Awareness Months
Health awareness months are when the various organizations put off the major fund raising campaigns for the year.


Livestrong Band: How to get One
Style and charity come together in Live Strong bracelets and their ilk, which promote great causes while looking so good. Here's how to get a livestrong band, or one if its cousins.



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