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Personalized Silicone Wristbands Personalized Live Strong Bracelets

Personalized Live Strong Bracelets
Yellow and Mellow

The recent trend of wearing colorful silicone wristbands can be traced to May 2004, when the Lance Armstrong Foundation began offering its personalized live strong bracelets as a tool in its fight against cancer.

The LiveStrong™ bracelets, which are bright yellow in deference to the Tour de France's winner's jersey, spawned a genuine marketing phenomenon. Soon, all manner of colorful personalized silicone wristbands were available on the market, raising the awareness of everything from AIDS to landmine proliferation.


Personalized bracelets by the armload

Live Strong wristbands and their various emulators are made of thick, stretchy silicone rubber -- in fact, they resemble nothing so much as giant rubber bands.

Live Strong style bracelets, which will fit just about anyone's wrist, are inexpensive and multihued. They're also light and strong.

Nearly all the bracelets have their cause impressed in the silicone, but their color also indicates the cause. AIDS bands are red; diabetes wristbands are blue. Because there are so few colors and so many causes, many colors have to do double and even triple duty for the wristbands they serve.


Personalize your own custom wristbands

If you want to celebrate your own cause or just celebrate being you, it's easy to get manufacturers to make your own personalized silicone bracelets much like the LAF's LiveStrong™ models. All that's needed is silicone rubber, some dye, and something hot! Some vendors require that you buy in bulk, but this isn't always the case, thank goodness. While some of us are popular indeed, do you really need 3,000 silicone wristbands with your name on them?


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