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Celebrate Survivors With Livestrong Bracelets

LiveStrong™ bracelets were developed as an attribute to Lance Armstrong's fight to overcome cancer.

The foundation's goal is to raise funds to help the Lance Armstrong Foundation continue its educational programs to help both survivors and those battling various forms of cancer.

The silicon bracelets are made of rubber, which stretches easily to fit any size of wrist and come in various colors – each denoting a particular cancer.

Millions of people wear these wristbands as a symbol of hope that research will eventually find a cure for this fatal disease. They are quite strong and will not break easily.


The Educational Programs Behind the Bracelets

The educational programs provided by the LAF are designed to give people much needed knowledge about cancer – its causes and how to deal with a diagnosis.

LAF provides practical information through four basic core areas:

  • Educational programs that provide information and resources regarding the physical, emotional and social issues surrounding cancer and its treatments.
  • Increasing awareness and lobbying governments to take a more active role in treating cancer and bringing some of the social causes to the forefront.
  • Funding public health programs to provide care and support for patients and their families
  • Supports research efforts to help people understand the effects of cancer and how to live as a survivor of the disease.


More than 20 million of the LiveStrong™ bracelets have been sold all over the world, as people become more aware of the devastating effects of cancer.

These awareness bracelets help people show support for the charitable organization and help make them more aware of their own health.

The organization hopes that the sale of the wristbands will not only help them in their effort to raise the funds they need, but will also spur people to action to make changes in their lifestyles so that they will live strong, healthy lives.


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