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Where to Get Live Strong Wristbands How to Get a LiveStrong Band

How to get a Livestrong Band

Want to know how to get a Livestrong band?

Look no further. We'll fill you in on where to get Live Strong wristbands and what to look for.

Live Strong bracelets are the ideal mix of fashion and community support, whether they're the original bands for fighting cancer, or wristbands for landmine awareness, the campaign against diabetes, or any other function.

Plus, these silicone rubber wristbands are inexpensive; it's rare to have to pay more than three dollars for a Livestrong style bracelet.


Livestrong everyday

The silicone bracelet craze originated with the LIVESTRONG™ wristbands offered by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

More than 10 million of their bright yellow bracelets have been sold. Other charity groups soon jumped onto the Livestrong bracelet bandwagon, offering wrist bands in a rainbow of colors.

Now you can find a bracelet for just about every cause, school, or personal statement out there. The Livestrong movement has evolved into a larger trend in which self-expression is as strong a seller of wrist bands as the desire to support a cause.


Bands of freedom

So where can you get your wristband?

If you're angling for a genuine original LIVESTRONG™ band, you'll have to check with the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The blue and white wristbands of the Miracle Project, which seeks to remove landmines from abandoned battlefields, is a popular cause.

Pink is the color of the breast cancer bracelet.

If you're looking for these or other bands, you've come to the right place: our merchants can hook you up with just about any bracelet you can imagine -- or scores of bracelets, if you'd like to buy in bulk for your cause.


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