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Rubber Bracelets Color Meanings Health Awareness Months

Know The Different Health Awareness Months

Health awareness months actually take in every month of the year.

Each one brings a new awareness fund-raising campaign with volunteers selling rubber bracelets as a way of raising funds for research.

The funds go a long way to helping to promote the awareness of different medical conditions and make people aware of the need of being tested before a condition develops into a terminal illness.


The Meanings of the Rubber Bracelets

The rubber bracelet color meanings include many different conditions for each color. Pink is well-known as the color for breast cancer and yellow for cancer in general. However, there are many other colors used in bracelets signifying various areas of one's health. These include:

  • Black - melanoma
  • Blue - prostate cancer
  • Clear - lung cancer
  • Dark blue - colon cancer
  • Pink - breast cancer
  • Lavender - general awareness
  • Orange - leukemia

Of course the various colors of bracelets can also denote other conditions beside cancer. Blue is the color for child abuse awareness and aqua is the color for Alzheimer's Disease.

There are certain times of the year when you notice some bracelet colors more than others. Health is always a concern and the various foundations choose a certain time of the year to put forth their awareness campaigns. These include:

  • October - Breast cancer, lupus
  • March - men's health
  • August - immunization
  • January - mental health

During these times you can expect calls asking for a donation and booths set up in malls where you can buy specific bracelets to support a cause. The bracelets are very attractive and you can wear several different colors at the same time. Some of the bracelets come in glow in the dark colors, which adds to their attractiveness for teenagers.


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