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Green Livestrong Bracelets Can Mean Several Things


Green Livestrong bracelets usually mean that you are showing support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

However, if you have these green silicone bracelets in a camouflage green, then you can have one of four different sayings on them that show support for the troops. The bracelets are available in youth and adult sizes and in many different colors, especially the yellow silicone bracelet made popular by Lance Armstrong to help raise funds for cancer research.


What is Muscular Dystrophy?

Wearing a green Live Strong bracelet to show support for muscular dystrophy carries with it the responsibility of knowing what muscular dystrophy is. This is a complex disease for which there is no specific set of symptoms. Some of the facts about this disease include:

  • It refers to a group of genetic diseases in which the muscles for movement get weaker
  • The onset of this disease can occur at any time, from birth, adolescence or adulthood
  • There are three common types, Duchenne, faciocapilohumoral and mytonic
  • There is no cure


How Buying a Bracelet Helps

The money raised from selling the green bracelets helps to fund research into finding new treatments and eventually a cure. Those who suffer from muscular dystrophy find it very difficult and painful to walk and move around as the muscles are too weak to support the body. Most of them eventually have to use a wheelchair and this is expensive on families. Buying a green bracelet helps the Live Strong Foundation to provide wheelchairs to needy families with members suffering from muscular dystrophy.

Quite often you will see people selling these bracelets, but they are not as common as the bracelets for cancer support. Therefore, you can order your green bracelet online and receive a discount when you order in bulk. Since the money goes to a good cause, you can have enough bracelets for all your family and friends.


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