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How to Get Free Wristbands


Free wristbands really help to raise awareness of various charitable organizations.

Many organizations give out free wristbands and do not charge a fee. Even though these bands only cost about a dollar, there seems to be something about getting something free that makes people want to have them.

When people give out free Livestrong bands, quite often they do get a donation for their cause in return, even though they don't ask for one.


Benefits of giving out free wristbands

There are many advantages to giving away free bands to anyone who would like to have one. These include:

  • Getting the message out about the need for early screening in cancer detection
  • Educating more people about the LiveStrong foundation
  • Educating people about the need for cancer research
  • Having more people involved and willing to work towards building hope


More Is Better

The more wristbands that an organization can distribute, the more its work becomes known and therefore the more supporters it will have.

You can make up your own wristbands and distribute them for free if you want to raise social consciousness about a particular issue. This is what many people that have been touched by AIDS and cancer have done to bring the issue to the forefront and make people think about their actions.

There are also Internet sites that give the Livestrong bands away for free simply for filling in a survey form. Through the questions on the survey it is the hope that you discover that you do want to live strong and to help others to do the same. The LIVESTRONG™ foundation sells these wristbands to raise money for its educational programs and to help the families of those battling cancer. As a volunteer with the organization or any cancer organization, you get one of the bands free to show that you are a supporter.


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