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Diabetes Awareness Bracelets: Joining the Fight


Diabetes awareness bracelets are an effective new way of bringing the epidemic of diabetes to the nation's attention.

Made of a thick rubbery material, a blue diabetes silicone wristband is not only fashionable, it'll get people thinking about this disease -- and the money you spend on the wristband will go towards finding a cure.

Care and a Cure: It's as simple as that.


Raising awareness, one wristband at a time

Diabetes (a.k.a. diabetes mellitus) is a disease that affects tens of millions of people in the United States alone.

It usually manifests as an excess of sugar in the bloodstream, caused by an inability of the body to make enough insulin, which breaks down sugars. Too much blood sugar is bad for various organs and nerves. Diabetes usually strikes young children (juvenile diabetes) and older adults (adult onset diabetes).

What good is a silicone wristband against such a disease? The truth is, these bracelets have proven to be very effective at raising both money and awareness for diabetes. Silicone bracelets are fashionable, and wearing them can make you feel good, just knowing you've raised diabetes awareness and helped people in some small way. Why not get a bunch?


Inexpensive bracelets that go a long way

It's true that silicone wristbands look a lot like big rubber bands, but these bracelets are much more than fashion accessories.

They're a symbol of hope, of awareness of a disease that makes life difficult for millions. Almost everyone knows at least one person living with diabetes.

So when you see diabetes blue gracing the wrist of a friend or even a passerby, think a bit about the cause and commitment it represents -- and you'll understand how a little wristband can make a difference.


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