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Custom Wristbands: Raising the Awareness Level


There's something simple and reassuring about custom wristbands, which have recently become the most visible reminder of a variety of social ills that don't deserve to be forgotten.

These custom silicone wristbands, which look like nothing so much as thick rubber bands, first came to prominence in May 2004.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation hit on bright yellow LIVESTRONG™ bracelets as a way to raise awareness about cancer and to raise money to find a cure.

Since then, they've sold 50 million silicone wristbands. At a dollar a pop, that's a nice chunk of change.


A custom bracelet for every cause

Nothing succeeds like success, so it wasn't along before dozens of other causes started hawking their own custom bracelets. Why? Because they're easy to make, easy to add a custom name to, and easy to sell. The bracelets fit just about everyone, and some silicone wristbands have even become collectibles.

More important than the money these custom rubber wristbands earn is the awareness they raise in the general population. Even if you don't have a silicone bracelet or two, you know what they stand for.


Wristband color codes

Not only are most silicone wristbands printed with a custom message, their colors mean something too. A pink wristband signifies the fight against breast cancer; AIDS is red; depression is green; and diabetes is blue. Not surprisingly, anti-tobacco wristbands are brown. There's something for every cause and everyone. If you doubt that, just look up Irritable Bowel Syndrome bracelets. The silicone wristbands for that particular cause are blue or light purple!


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