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Custom silicone bracelets for every need!


Custom silicone bracelets are surely one of the first fashion trends of the new millennium.

These silicone wristbands are ideal for displaying one's ideas and beliefs, while serving an eye–catching decorative purpose.

The wristbands themselves are made of heavy silicone rubber that can be molded in a variety of styles, with any custom message you're looking for.

Your charity cause, company name, church name, favorite team, or a custom message can easily be impressed right into the bracelet during the manufacturing process.


Personalized bracelets for you

These silicone bracelets come in a variety of sizes and colors, and with the custom option, you can add just about any information you want.

They're perfect for diabetics and others with potentially life threatening illnesses.

But you need not be ill to reward yourself with a silicone wristband.

Trying to raise money for your church? Impress your message in a silicone bracelet.

Trying to sell something? Use custom wristbands as sales promotion tools.

Want to buy a dog to help sniff out landmines from old battlefields? Sell custom wristbands to raise the funds.

Just want some funky, fun new wristbands? Silicone bracelets to the rescue!


Live Strong and long!

Silicone rubber wristbands originated with cancer survivor and athlete Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG™ Foundation, which uses its yellow silicone rubber wristbands to raise funds for cancer research. Since then they've become popular not just for custom fundraising but for personal decoration as well.

Whatever your intention -- personal or charity -- it's easy to obtain the perfect wristbands for your wrist, and for prices that are nicer than you might expect.



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