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Courage Wristbands Are Symbols of Hope


Courage wristbands have the words "Hope, Courage, Bravery, Endurance" imprinted on them.

These pink bracelets are associated with breast cancer and are sold to raise money for cancer research.

The courage bracelet is also a sign of the need for screening, through self tests and mammograms to ensure that you get help as soon as you notice a lump. Early detection is the message behind wearing the pink courage wrist band.


Reasons For Wearing A Courage Bracelet

People have various reasons for wearing courage bracelets. The obvious reason is to show support for a cause, but others include:

  • To show that you or someone belonging to you has breast cancer
  • In memory of someone that dies from cancer
  • To show that you have contributed to the cause
  • Simply because you like the bracelet and the message it brings
  • To help people become aware of the need for early detection

The classic courage wrist band is the yellow rubber wrist band that Lance Armstrong made famous.

Once people realized how attractive these wrist bands were they immediately realized that this was a new way of making others aware of the need for awareness of different causes. Since people get something in return for their donation, they are more willing to give to a cause. This does not mean to say people would not donate without getting something in return. The attractiveness of the wrist bands means you can wear them as jewelry for any occasion.

Wearing wrist bands also shows people that are suffering from cancer or another illness that you applaud their courage under the circumstances. This helps them to go on in the belief that many people are standing behind them.


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