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Advantages of Wearing a Copper Bracelet

A copper bracelet has many health benefits, such as helping to relieve aches and pain. The ancient peoples believed in the benefits of copper and wore copper bracelets for medicinal purposes and wrote about the advantages of wearing such articles of jewellery.

Many doctors believe there is a connection between wearing these bracelets and the trace amounts of copper that the body needs.

Some of the benefits of wearing copper in a bracelet include:

  • Provides relief similar to that of applying heat to a painful area.
  • Restores the balance of copper in the body, reducing muscle contractions.
  • Contains the enzymes needed to repair cells damaged by arthritis.
  • Relieves the pain caused by inflammation.


How do these bracelets work?

These magnetic bracelets containing copper help the body to facilitate the activity of many of the enzymes produced by different organs.

Although there is not a lot of copper in the body, it is essential for the heart, lungs, liver as well as the brain. Since 50% of all the copper in the body is found in the bones, it is only natural that the bracelets would help relieve bone and joint pain.

The exact way that the bracelets work is not known. However, scientists believe that the copper enters the bloodstream through the skin and then combines with other compounds that exert anti-inflammatory actions. The bracelet has a high level of thermal and electrical conductive activity.

Since people do not take in as much copper in their diet as they need, the copper in the bracelets helps to make up for the deficiency.

This deficiency in copper is believed to be the leading cause of arthritis as the cells start to break down. This breakdown also speeds up the aging process. Based on this fact, it is possible that copper, even by wearing a bracelet, can slow down the aging process and help you to live longer.


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