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Show Your Faith With Christian Wristbands


Christian wristbands are white and have the words "He is Risen" imprinted on them. There is also a cross on the Christian rubber wristbands to show that you believe in the power of the risen Lord.

These rubber wristbands do not denote any specific Christian religion, but are meant to denote a community of Christians all over the world.


The Beginnings of the Christian Wrist Band

The Christian wristband is an 8 inch white rubber wrist band that fits most adult wrists. Although it is a religious wristband, it is not showy and is a very simple way of showing your belief in God. The original name of the wristband was GodStrong. The story goes that one member of a Bible study group was very frustrated because he tended to swear whenever he became angry. Other members suggested he wear a rubber bracelet that God was always there to help. Thus the Christian rubber wrist band was born.


Features of the Christian wristband

The wrist band is designed to remind us that:

  • We are all faced with temptations
  • We can overcome our challenges when we trust in the Lord
  • We are reminded that Jesus overcame the temptations in the desert.

Although the Christian wrist band is usually white, you can get this bracelet in other colors, such as red, blue, black and pink. The white bracelet is a glow in the dark wristband that looms up green in the night.

Wearing a Christian wrist band gives testimony to the fact that you have faith and that you are a Christian. It makes a great gift idea to someone that attends your Bible study group or is a member of your church.


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