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Raise Awareness With Charity Wristbands


Charity wristbands are available in every conceivable color.

The idea behind wearing colourful charity silicone wristbands is to draw attention to a certain charitable organization, its need for funds and what it does to help others. For example, wearing the yellow cancer wristband, made popular by Lance Armstrong, you are letting the world know that you support the research into finding a cure for cancer.

It also tells other people that you have donated money to the cause.


Make a Fashion Statement With a Charity Wristband

Wearing a charity wristband in a bright neon color is just as fashionable as wearing gold and silver jewelry. Many teenagers like to wear these bands to color coordinate their outfits as well as showing others that they are aware of the medical and social problems facing them in the world. Not only do they make a fashion statement, but buying an wearing one of these silcone bands helps make a difference in the world.


Colors of the Silicone Wristbands

Each color in the silicone wristbands has a special significance. Some of the colors and what they mean are:

  • Pink – breast cancer to draw awareness to the need for early screening
  • Orange – live smoke free to remind people of the deadly effects of cigarettes
  • Aqua Blue – the need for funds to help the survivors of the Tsunami of 2004
  • Dark Blue – the need to prevent child abuse

Each of these silicone bands contains the symbol of the charity or a saying that symbolizes the work that the organization does. The writing on the bands says it all. For example, the color blue in ribbons, bands and pins may have different connotations, but it is the wording that sends the message. When you see "Prevent Child Abuse" on the wristband, this sends a clear message that you are a supporter of the victims of child


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