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Cancer Bracelets: Let's find a cure!


It's only been in the last year or so that cancer bracelets have become a hot fashion item, and it's all thanks to the fact that they're the perfect way to support a most worthy cause: cancer awareness.

Also called Lance Armstrong wristbands, due to their most famous proponent, these bracelets are appearing on everyone from presidential candidates to pop stars (not to mention ordinary people like you and me).

Not sure what a cancer bracelet is?

Keep your eyes on peoples' wrists, and you'll soon notice brightly-colored rubber bands worn as bracelets. They may be Lance Armstrong yellow or breast cancer pink, or any color of the rainbow.


Lance Armstrong's bracelets

Lance Armstrong's story: he is the six-time Tour de France winner who battled testicular cancer and won.

In May 2004, the Lance Armstrong Foundation started selling its yellow LIVESTRONG™ bracelets in support of cancer awareness and research, with the aid of shoe manufacturer Nike.

By August, seven million bracelets had sold, more than six million dollars had been raised, and other organizations were jumping on the bandwagon.


Where's your bracelet?

Whether it was meant to or not, the Lance Armstrong Foundation started an amazing trend with its rubbery bracelets.

The bracelets have been spotted on John Kerry and President Bush, and celebs like Bono and Robin Williams have them, too.

It's a rare occasion these days when you don't seen one peeking out from under a sleeve or dangling from a wrist in any given group of people.

These bracelets and their brethren are a great way to simply and affordable fund cancer awareness!


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