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Cancer awareness bracelets are very popular items of jewelry.

The silicone bracelets are brightly colored wristbands made of stretchy rubber. There are actually 16 different colors that are associated with all the kinds of cancer that humans have been diagnosed with.

You can have a general bracelet that has all sixteen colors incorporated into one bracelet using different colors of sterling silver beads.


Origin of awareness bracelets for cancer

The Lance Armstrong wristbands started this amazing method of showing support for cancer patients.

Lance Armstrong is an athlete who has competed in the Tour de France and other international competitions.

As a cancer survivor he established the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

In the 1997 Tour de France, he wore a bright yellow silicone wristband to draw awareness to cancer and the devastation it has on families. The yellow color was designed not only to match Armstrong's jersey, but to make it noticeable.

It was called the LiveStrong™ bracelet, named after the educational program of the foundation.

The intention was to make people aware of the causes of cancer and the need for regular checkups. In so doing, it hoped to raise much needed funds to keep these educational programs going.


Some of the awareness colors used in these bracelets are:

  • Black – melanoma
  • Blue – prostate cancer
  • Clear – lung cancer
  • Dark blue – colon cancer
  • Pink – breast cancer
  • Lavender – general awareness
  • Orange – leukemia


Controversy Over Awareness Bracelets

There is a growing controversy over the use of the different colored bracelets.

Many people have begun to sell imitations that have no connections with charities or diseases.

Therefore, many of those who buy the bracelets think they are supporting a charity, while in fact they are not. The wide variety of colors also makes it hard to know what particular cancer the bracelet is associated with.


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