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Support the Troops With the Camouflage Green Livestrong Bracelets


Camouflage green Livestrong bracelets show that you really appreciate the sacrifice our troops are making for us in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They are losing their lives on a daily basis and families back home are suffering through the loss of their young sons and daughters.

The green silicone bracelets from the Live Strong Foundation are the camouflage color that the troops wear as they go about their daily work keeping us free.


Messages on the camouflage rubber bracelet

When you order your camouflage green bracelet from the Livestrong Foundation, you can choose the saying you want imprinted on the bracelet. The choices are:

  • Strength
  • Be Brave
  • Courage
  • God Bless the World

You can show that you are patriotic by simply wearing one of these green silicone bracelets. You don't have to go out waving a flag, but the bracelets send out the same message as a flag waving on the flagpole in front of your house. It shows that you really do feel for the families who have children, parents and grandparents serving in a country far away and that you hope they come back safe.

You are also showing you believe the efforts of our Armed Forces in bringing peace to this part of the world will work and the deaths will not be in vain.

When families who have relatives in Iraq see you wearing one of these camouflage bracelets, it makes them feel really good to see that you appreciate what their family members are doing. While we are enjoying peace back home, we cannot even imagine what the troops are feeling and wearing the bracelet lets them know that we are thinking of them all the time.


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