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Breast Cancer Bracelets: Bringing the awareness home!


Breast cancer bracelets, with their eye-catching pink color, have become one of the most visible ways of promoting breast cancer awareness in these United States.

Like most awareness bracelets, they're made of thick silicone rubber, with the cause stamped right on the band.

Following the lead of the Lance Armstrong Foundation's yellow LIVESTRONG™ bracelets, which promote cancer awareness in general, they've also become a significant means of raising funds for the fight against breast cancer.


The modern plague of breast cancer

Cancers are among the most obvious diseases plaguing Americans today, with breast cancer ranking near the top of the list.

While amazing progress has been made against breast cancer in the last few decades, much more work remains to be done.

Some one in four women can expect to get breast cancer at some time in their lives, and with our increase in life expectancy, this statistic is also increasing.

Considering the disease's sheer ubiquity, you almost certainly know at least one breast cancer survivor.


Wear a bracelet, increase awareness

Awareness bracelets for breast cancer don't just raise money directly: they also have the indirect effect of making more people think about breast cancer more often.

When people are more concerned, they're more likely to join the fight against this awful disease, either by directly contributing funds or by raising the awareness of their elected officials: the folks who control the really big purse-strings.

So when you wear a pink bracelet, you're not just showing your personal support, and you're not just making a one-time contribution to the cause.

You're making a long-term commitment to increasing awareness that just might have more far-reaching consequences than you know.


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