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The Many Faces of the Blue Livestrong Bracelets


The blue Livestrong bracelets show support for several different causes.

Although the bracelet most often associated with the Livestrong Foundation is yellow for cancer, you can also wear a blue bracelet for cancer as well.

Blue is associated with ovarian and cervical cancer and the bracelets come in youth and adult sizes. You can also wear a blue Live Strong bracelet to help develop awareness about autism and the need for donations to try to find a cure or ways of helping those affected by this condition.


Other Live Strong Bracelets

Since Lance Armstrong wore the first yellow bracelet at the Tour de France, the Live Strong Foundation has also developed rubber bracelets in other colors for different causes. These include:

  • Pink - Breast Cancer
  • Red - Aids Awareness
  • Green - Muscular Dystrophy
  • Orange - Multiple Sclerosis
  • Blue and Yellow - Faith

Wearing one of these bracelets provides the organizations helping the patients or the families have the funds they desperately need. It also provides non-profit organizations with the funds they need to continue research into new methods of treatment that will hopefully lead to a cure.


Ribbons and Pins Too!

In addition to the bracelets, the Livestrong Foundation also has several pins that look great on your lapel. Since many older people do not feel comfortable wearing one of the colored bracelets, this is a way that they can show that they have donated to a cause by buying one of the pins. The Awareness angel is one type of pin with a random color ribbon is used to raise money for breast cancer and when you give a donation you receive one of these pins in return. You can also have stretchy charm bracelets with the charms already included. This is perfect for children who like to be fashionable wearing the Livestrong bracelets.


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