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Support Anti Bullying With Beat the Bully Wristbands


Beat the Bully wristbands are blue and were developed in an effort to bring the bullying at schools and playgrounds to a grinding halt.

Trying to beat a bully at his/her own game is very difficult and one way to do it is to get others involved.

By purchasing and wearing a blue bully rubber bracelet, you are spreading the word about anti bullying.


Why People Bully Others

There are many reasons that people, especially teenagers, bully others. Usually it comes from a lack of self-confidence and the only way a bully can appear to be confident is to put others down by making hurtful remarks. Other reasons include:

  • A lack of respect for the feelings of others
  • Thinking that one race is superior to another
  • Trying to make someone that is smart feel inferior
  • As a way of getting extra money by scaring someone into giving away lunch money or spending money

Whatever the reasons, anti bullying campaigns are designed to help those suffering from the attacks of a bully. It is easy to see what a bully can do to the thoughts and feelings of another by just watching the news. The stories of students reacting to a bully with violence tell us that something has to be done. This is what the beat the bully wrist bands are trying to accomplish.

If you are the victim of a bully and you see someone sporting an anti bullying wristband, you should speak to this person about what you are going through. He/She will help you get the advice and help you need. The beat the bully campaign does not advocate violence. In fact, its goal is to teach the bully the proper way to act and to teach him/her the consequences of the bullying actions and to help the victim recover.


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