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The Balance Bracelet
A non–conventional treatment for everyday pain.


There's a theory that many illnesses, especially chronic arthritis pain, are caused by a disruption of the body's natural ionic balance.

Ions are negatively and positively charged molecules that occur naturally throughout the body.

The C–shaped Balance Bracelet, which is billed as the "Crown Jewel of Health and Well Being", is intended to adjust the body's ionic balance.

Like many another ionic bracelet on the market, these bracelets are comprised of alloys of metals like copper, gold, and silver, which are thought to have a high ionic potential. Sometimes magnets are thrown in for extra healing power.


Relief from arthritis, sports injuries and more

Imagine the ability to repair your ionic balance at will, banishing pain from arthritis, sports injuries, and a whole host of other ailments.

That's what this bracelets meant to do. Since 1984, untold numbers of people have sung the praises of this award-winning product, from Europe to America and beyond.

Although science has no effective explanation of its benefits, thousands of people have testified that it has worked wonders for them. Many sports stars and other celebrities swear by these bracelets.


Ionic balance 911

Even if you don't suffer from sports injuries or arthritis, ionic balance bracelets are often used for repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Any aches and pains you suffer can be treated by ionic balance, and you just might notice an increase in your personal energy, too.

Fortunately, these wonder–bracelets aren't too expensive: you can get the basic model for less than $50, with fancier bracelets going for slightly higher prices. No reason you can't be stylish while undergoing ionic treatment!


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