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The Beginnings of Awareness Ribbons


Awareness ribbons as a way of drawing attention to the need for research into a cure for AIDS started a whole new tradition.

Wearing a ribbon of a specific color has now become a very common way of showing support for a cause.

Many organizations sell these ribbons as a way to raise money for research and for educational programs to educate the general public.

The awareness ribbon for AIDS is red, but the cancer awareness ribbons are as varied as the colors of the rainbow, depending on the nature of the illness. For example, pink is the color for breast cancer support, while teal is the color of ovarian cancer ribbons.


Significance of the various colors

Each colored ribbon denoted a specific cause. While it may not be an illness, it could be a social problem that has affected many lives. These include:

  • Blue – drunk driving
  • Green – missing children
  • Forest green – tsunami relief
  • Orange – racial tolerance
  • White – right to life


Public Attention

The idea of wearing bracelets and ribbons as a way of focusing public attention on the need for fund raising was made popular when Lance Armstrong first wore the cancer bracelet.

Many organizations realized that this was a new method of raising the much-needed funds and started developing ribbons, pins and bracelets. Instead of asking for a donation, now they can sell something to people in return for the money they give.

The ribbons are not expensive, usually about $2 each, but any donations are accepted. When you proudly wear the ribbon in your jacket, others will notice that you have contributed to a good cause and will praise you for it. If they are not familiar with the color, then you can do your part by educating them about the organization, its need for support and its symbol of hope.


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