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Awareness Pins Show You Care!


Organizations sell awareness pins to raise money they need for ongoing educational programs.

They also use this money for research into finding cures or new methods of treatment.

Some organizations use the money they collect to help families for those people suffering from diseases or to provide help and support in any way that they can.


Show You Care

Awareness pins let people know you care. The pins come in different colors and each color shows support for a different cause or medical condition. Some of the colors and what they denote include:

  • Blue – arthritis, child abuse, eating disorders
  • Brown – colon cancer
  • Gray – brain injuries or tumor, aphasia
  • Green – lyme disease, missing children

Buying an awareness pin shows that you have hope that your donation is going to a good cause to find a cure or solution for a specific problem.


Selling Awareness Pins

Many of the organizations that use these pins are national organizations, with coordinated efforts all across the country. Because there are so many organizations that do need the help and support of the public, most of them try to keep their fund raising efforts from interfering with that of the others. For example, October is breast cancer awareness month and it is then that the National Breast Cancer Association puts on a blitz of selling awareness pins to draw attention to the need for early screening.


Getting Custom Made Awareness Pins

You can get an awareness pin made according to your specifications. The silk screening process is the most popular method used when you need an exact replica of a logo or drawing on the pin. Although most pins are in the shape of a loop, you can have one specially designed in any shape you wish. Why not check online to see what is available and to order your awareness pin for a special cause?


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