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Awareness bracelets are available for almost any medical condition you can mention to draw support to the condition. This attention focuses on the need for the public to be aware of the symptoms of specific conditions and the need for fundraising. The funds are to provide for more research into cures and medications that can help people suffering from the disease.

Although the LIVESTRONG” bracelet is the most commonly known, there are many other organizations with support braclets for their cause.

A few of the types of bracelets:


Look and Feel

There is no one particular style to an awareness bracelet. One type of ovarian cancer bracelet is made with crystals and diamonds and has a ribbon charm An autism awareness bracelet can be made from various colors of sterling silver beads. Some bracelets use beads, such as Bali beads, to create a really unique piece of jewelry that you will be proud to wear.

You can also have bracelets that are very patriotic and help to support the troops overseas. Selling these bracelets helps to raise money for all kinds of causes from sending presents to the troops and help for the families waiting at home.

However, the most common bracelet for support causes are made of rubber or silicone. These bracelets just slide over your wrist. The cause is normally etched into the silicone.


Message of Hope

With an awareness wristband, you are sending a strong message that you support the fundraising efforts and that you hope the money for research will eventually result in cures for the various diseases and conditions.

By selling the bracelets, organizations are not just asking for donations without providing something tangible in return and it helps to raise the awareness of the work done by the organization and the money helps to fund the research.



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