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Autism Awareness Bracelets: Support the Search For a Cure


Autism awareness bracelets help support the search for a cure for this condition.

Autism is a condition that leaves children virtual prisoners within themselves, unable to communicate with others. They are extremely intelligent and often become very frustrated by their inability to communicate the same as other kids.

Often labelled as retarded, autism awareness strives to help people understand the condition and help find a cure to let these little ones grow up to be adults well able to cope in the modern world.

Autism bracelets have various slogans or messages engraved on them, such as "Think Autism, Think Cure" and "Autism Awareness".


What is Autism

Autism is a disorder in which those affected often engage in repetitive behavior and have difficulty with speech and communication. The symptoms usually present themselves before the child is three years old. It seems to be more prevalent in boys and girls and at present there is no cure.

Some of the treatments for autism include:

  • Therapy to help them manage at home and school
  • Behavior modification techniques in kids that exhibit violent tendencies
  • Psychotropic drugs
  • Psychotherapy
  • Special classes at school



Parents dealing with autism need a lot of help. This is one of the reasons for the wristbands - to draw attention to autism.

Parent support groups often sell these bracelets to raise money for various activities for the kids and to make people aware for their efforts in finding alternative treatments. Many schools have teachers trained in dealing with autism to help the students as well as the parents.

In addition to bracelets and wristbands to raise awareness of autism, you can also get ribbons, pins, license plates, magnets, key chains, discovery toys, shirts, hats and mugs.


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