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Anti Racism Wristbands: Kick It Out


The anti racism wristbands were the brainchild of Theirry Henry and Rio Ferdinand.

These wristbands, also known as "Kick It Out" wristbands, were recently unveiled in London, England and are part of the campaign supported by Nike to get people to stand up and speak out in favor of anti-racism campaigns all over the world.

Henry was the first person to wear one of these black and white anti racism rubber wristbands when he accepted the runners-up award at the World Players gala in Zurich.


Events that precipitated the need for anti-racism wristbands

Racism is prevalent everywhere, even in sports. This is why the two sports players decided to do something about it and the result was the anti-racism wristband.

Some of the events that led to the development of the wristband include:

  • Monkey chants hurled at a Dwight Yorke during the Worthington Cup
  • Booing of the Turkish star, Muzzy Izzet
  • Verbal abuse of players from other countries


Many people readily accept black people in sports, but this wasn't always the case. Ant-racism was alive and well when Jackie Robinson first broke the color barrier in baseball history. Even though they are accepted as exceptional players, many fans believe that ethnic minorities do not have any place on the national sports' teams of their countries.

It is the hope of Nike, Henry and Ferdinand that these wristbands will inspire the same level of awareness as the Livestrong bracelets do for cancer.


Wearing an anti-racism wristband shows others that you are not prejudiced.

It shows that you believe in the equality pf all peoples no matter what color or race they belong to. Maybe the wristbands will help make those giving the taunts less secure in knowing that the majority of the population do not believe that what they are doing is right.


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