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The Mission of Alzheimers Awareness Bracelets


The sale of Alzheimers awareness bracelets will provide much needed funds to pay for research into the condition and to help improve the quality of life for both those who have the disease and their families.

Alzheimers is a progressive and degenerative condition that attacks the brain cells and results in the impairment of memory, thinking and eventually leaves the patient unable to function on his or her own.

Alzheimer patients usually require 24 hour care during the latter stages of the condition, when they have dementia.


The Benefit of wearing an Alzheimers bracelet

A dementia ID bracelet is a new strategy that is being developed so that people who are suffering from this condition can wear a medic alert bracelet specific to their condition.

There are many advantages to wearing one of these bracelets, which include:

  • A person wearing one will be able to get the proper help and guidance.
  • The color code is part of a 24 hotline with vital medical records that health professionals may need


If a person is lost and disoriented, wearing the dementia wristband can benefit them enormously.

When this person is located and the wristband identified, a quick call to 911 will provide the health information that medical personnel will need to locate family members or to know what other medical needs the person has. Caregivers can regularly update the information regarding medications and dosages that the patient needs.

This bracelet gives families of Alzheimers' patients some comfort and peace of mind in knowing that if the patient should happen to wander off the bracelet will help him/her get the necessary medical attention.

This is a new addition to the awareness bracelets, so a lot of public education and marketing has to take place before everyone is fully aware of the benefits of wearing one.


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