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AIDS awareness bracelets are one of the most popular bracelets worn by celebrities.

The purchase of the bracelet promotes the dedication to eradicate AIDS by raising awareness and raising funds to help promote an AIDS vaccine development.

AIDS bracelets are also worn to remember those who have died from this dreadful disease and to help support those suffering from HIV infections.

These AIDS bracelets are red and also denote heart disease in addition to HIV and Aids.

The charitable organizations for Aids research promote these awareness bracelets for three reasons:

  • Wear them in memory of those who have passed away
  • Wear them to show those battling the disease you are thinking of them
  • Wear them to encourage research into a cure

They advertise them by saying you should only take off the Aids bracelets when a cure has been found.


AIDS is a Growing Concern

Over 22 million people worldwide have died from AIDS. In the United States, approximately 900,000 people are living with HIV.

Approximately 40,000 new cases occur each year and half of those are people under 25 years old.

AIDS is perhaps a more fatal disease than cancer, because most people do survive cancer if it is diagnosed early enough.

AIDS is a contagious disease. Once you contract AIDS, there is no cure, CURRENTLY, only drugs and medications to help you make you more comfortable.



The AIDS awareness wristband signifies the fight to reach the goal to find the cure so no one else will become infected with AIDS.


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